About Us

kabit™, through its partners combined experience, has been serving the Las Vegas community for over 20 yrs. As the community has grown, we realized the need for faster and more convenient service throughout the greater Las Vegas area. Our centralized dispatch system allows us to provide efficient and effective service to meet the needs of our growing Las Vegas community.

For your safety kabit™ requires all of its drivers to have passed;

  • FBI background check
  • Drug/Alcohol testing (Pre-Employment) (Random) (Reasonable Suspicion)
  • ADA training
  • Annual State Mandated Driver Training
  • Kabit driver Annual safety training

kabit™ also requires vehicles to have passed or be equipped with;

  • Daily pre trip vehicle inspection
  • Quarterly vehicle inspections
  • Yearly inspections
  • Safe driving camera system
  • Accident avoidance camera system
  • Chip reader credit card system