Tap for Taxi

Press Button, get Taxi. It’s that easy!

Button is seamlessly integrated with Kabit Dispatch allowing you to create a faster, smoother and more convenient method for your customers to order a taxi. Kabit has over 1800 Taxis in Las Vegas, Henderson and North Las Vegas to respond to button requests for Taxi service.

How it Works

1. Press the Button

Press Button one time to request a single 4-Passenger Taxi cab to your location.

2. Wait for Confirmation

Once you press Button a ring of amber LED lights will flash clockwise in a circle indicating that Button is attempting to connect to your dispatch system over the internet and confirm the ride.

3. Interpret the Results

  • If Button successfully contacted Kabit Dispatch over the internet and confirmed the ride all 6 LEDs will simultaneously light up green for a few seconds. The Taxi closest to your location will be dispatched so sit back, relax and wait for the Taxi to Arrive.

  • If for any reason the Button could not confirm your taxi request, the LED’s will simultaneously light up solid red. In this case you’ll want to wait a few minutes and try again or contact Kabit Dispatch at 702-384-6111


  • Dimensions

  • Height 40 mm (1.57″)
    Diameter 69 mm (2.72″)
    Weight 90 g (0.20 lbs)
  • Height 73 mm (2.87″)
    Diameter 100 mm (3.94″)
    Weight 190 g (0.42 lbs)

  • Power

  • Rechargeable Li-Po battery and Micro-USB charger (charger not included)
  • 4 x AA alkaline batteries Micro-USB charger (batteries / charger not included)

  • Connectivity

  • Mobile data (2G GPRS), SIGFOX (868 MHz ETSI), or Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz 802.11b/g/n) Mobile data and SIGFOX plans available for business customers.